Poultry Option & Preparations

Beyond chicken and turkey, Mediterranean cuisine incorporates a variety of poultry:

  1. Duck: Used in celebratory dishes, offering a rich flavor and cooked in its own fat.
  2. Quail & Cornish Hen: Small birds, tender and flavorful, often grilled or roasted whole.
  3. Pheasant: Less common but cherished for its unique taste, pheasant can be roasted or used in slow-cooked stews.

Creative and Traditional Preparations:

  1. Roasted and Grilled: Chicken and Cornish hens are often seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and spices, then roasted or grilled to perfection.
  2. Ground Turkey in Mediterranean Dishes: Used in recipes like turkey kofta kebabs or as a filling for stuffed vegetables.
  3. Duck in Rich Sauces: Cooked in its own fat and served with fruit-based sauces or reductions.
  4. Quail and Pheasant in Gourmet Cooking: Prepared in gourmet-style dishes, often roasted and served with complex sauces.
  5. Stews and Slow Cooking: Duck and pheasant are excellent for slow-cooked, tender, flavorful stews.
  6. Use of Citrus Flavors: Incorporation of lemon and orange in marinades and flavorings.
  7. Braising Techniques: Braising tougher poultry for tenderness and flavor.
  8. Olives and Capers: Adding olives and capers for a briny flavor in dishes.
  9. Pairing with Vegetables and Legumes: Cooking poultry with vegetables and legumes in dishes like stews.
  10. Light Sauces and Broths: Preference for light, brothy sauces over heavy, creamy ones.
  11. Herb-Infused Rubs and Pastes: Using herb-infused rubs for seasoning.
  12. Portion Sizes and Serving Suggestions: Focusing on smaller portions of poultry alongside generous portions of vegetables, grains, or legumes.