Red Meat: A Thoughtful Approach

One of the most common surprises people uncover when exploring the Mediterranean Diet food pyramid is that red meat is at the top along with refined sugars. This thought process of looking at red meat as the same as ice cream is a bit of a shock for some people. And I get it, there is a very popular view that it’s red meat or bust on the dinner plate, but science tends to show us that this way of thinking may lead to health issues latter on down the line. In the Mediterranean Diet, red meats like beef, lamb, and pork are consumed less frequently.

The main reason for limited red meat in the diet comes down to two aspect: Historical and Regional.

  • Historically: red meat was considered a luxury in many parts of the Mediterranean. It was not an everyday fare but reserved for special occasions, festivals, and celebrations. This historical perspective continues to influence contemporary eating habits in the region.
  • Regional: Regionally, consumption varies, with coastal areas favoring seafood and inland areas incorporating more red meat, yet still in moderation.