Understanding the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle Pattern

Before making any changes, we must first lay out the core framework, or core pattern, of our goal. With the Mediterranean diet we know it has an emphasis on plant-based foods, so that’s where everything we do to transition will resonate from. We’ll call this the Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle pattern.

Mediterranean Diet Lifestyle pattern

Here is the core elements of our framework, which you’ve seen throughout this course, to build out our transition:

  • Abundant Plant Foods: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds form the diet’s foundation.
  • Olive Oil as the Main Fat Source: A hallmark of this diet, it replaces other fats like butter and processed oils.
  • Herbs and Spices over Salt: Flavoring foods naturally, reducing the need for added sodium.
  • Regular Fish and Seafood Consumption: Aiming for at least two servings per week.
  • Moderation in Dairy, Eggs, and Poultry: Enjoyed in reasonable amounts.
  • Limited Red Meat: Only occasional consumption.
  • Wine in Moderation: Enjoyed with meals for those who have a desire to consume alcohol.

Okay, now that we have this layout before us – how do implement it? Let’s continue on.